Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very versatile item. While the various parts of a coconut palm itself are very useful; dry coconut is used in cooking and in certain Hindu rituals, coconut water is a coolant for those summers, the cream inside the green coconut is delicious, and palm fibers are used to make ropes, but coconut oil deserves a niche of its own. Here’s how to get the best out of this wonder product:

1.As a hair oil 


Now don’t turn up your noses at the thought of oiling your hair. Oiling the hair a night before, or at least 20 minutes before shampooing gives softer and silkier hair. And, in this moisture-laden air of summer, where my thick frizzy hair tends to expand to three times its volume, coconut oil actually smooths it a wee bit.


2.As a moisturizer


In the winter, when our skin threatens to crack and leave a trail of skin cells behind you, and cold creams make you feel sticky and uncomfortable, coconut oil comes to our rescue. Just rub in a little oil on your skin, avoid getting too near to walls and beds and sofas for fear of impossible oil stains, and there, soft skin!


3.Lip balm


I’ve notices and resented the fact that ordinary lip balms and lip glosses only work the time they are on your lips, once they disappear(or get licked off), a few minutes later, your lips instantly morph into chapped monsters who don’t like that you remain happy and calm in your life. But then I heard that coconut oil works as a better substitute for lip balms. I applied and left it overnight and I actually had soft lips for the entire next day, no matter what I ate, how much I washed and licked my lips!


4.Makeup Remover


For those of us who do not own any makeup item other than the basic ones, a makeup remover is a waste of money, you’re not going to use it anyway. But when we’re forced to do something for our faces and look good (“It’s your cousin’s marriage. You can’t look homeless there.”) or when people use you as a canvas to showcase their, err, terrible eye-lining skills with a gel liner, mess up your face completely so that you have no choice but to cover your face and pray no one looks at you (girl who did this to me, I’ll get back at you), we are at a loss because we have spent 20 minutes scrubbing the delicate skin around your eyes and it all threatens to stay on your face making you look like an ugly panda, voila, coconut oil to your rescue! Take a little on some cotton, and wipe all that muck, oops material off. Easy as that.


5.Soothes mosquito and shoe bites


Mosquito bites are very irritating, because mosquitoes seem to like biting you on the most inappropriate places (and I mean your ankle, the soles of your feet, the underside of your forearms etc), and if you itch a lot, they’re going to start bleeding. Enter the humble coconut oil, just dab some on the bite, itch gone! It also relieves you of shoe bites in the same way.



I have to bring up food every time, who doesn’t love fried food?


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