Regrets-We’ve all been there

We’ve all been there, regretting doing or not doing things. We’ve all suffered regrets, and I say suffered because regret is like a disease that plagues our mind and refuses the entry of happier thoughts inside it. It is like an inherent weakness in our character, where small things become huge and enough to cause you sleepless nights. We can never entirely remove regrets from our system, just overpower it. Easier said than done.We start worrying about the most insignificant of issues. ‘I shouldn’t have eaten too much’ ‘I shouldn’t have eaten too less’ ‘I shouldn’t have bought that’ ‘I should have bought that’. Regret always rears its ugly head into our happy lives. We usually regret when we have low self-esteem, when we want our lives to look perfect in front of others, when we feel indecisive. Regrets can reduce any successful and happy person into a worrying one. But remember, there will always be someone better than you, there will always be something better than what you have. But do not let than get to you. Let it go! Carpe Diem!Seize the day! A life spent regretting is not a life worth living. Live your life to the fullest, so that one day when you are hobbling and tottering oldie, when you look back, you can exclaim ‘Oh my God I can’t believe I did that!’ instead of ‘Oh my God I wish I had done that!’ The change won’t be easy, but life will become easier for you when you are not weighed down by guilt and worries and regrets. I once read somewhere ‘Do not have regrets. They defeat the very purpose of life’ and that is the best and truest thing to follow.

Also published at Arab Woman Empowerment Platform


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