We met in grade 6, I was your ‘agony aunt’

We laughed about this many years later

Over the years we remained good friends.

Then we became best friends.

We discussed boy problems, outfit problems, girl problems, parent problems, people-we-pretended-to-be-friends-with-but-actually-hated-them problems

But then somehow we became a problem.

We promised to be best friends forever.

We promised to stay in touch across continents.

We promised to blow up our first paycheck on shopping.

We promised to be there for each other, always.

But our talk of promise was just that


We texted each other after school

We spoke on the days there was no school

We talked about the future, how we’ll always be friends

We dreamt about how we’ll meet each other everyday, even in college.

But what is it about promises never being true?

I could give strangers the whole biography of your life once

Now I don’t even know who is in your life.

My mother warned me against you

Your father taught you to hate Muslims

Was there something to what they said?

Why is it that now I feel distaste in talking to you?

Why is it that you refuse to meet me every time I invite you?

Why is it that none of us cares?

What went wrong?


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Much love.




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