Straight-talk, because there’s no time for anything else

I am horribly straightforward. I love being straightforward. If I want you to go to Hell, I say Go to Hell, and not say it in a way that you enjoy your journey there. If I love you, I say I love you. If I hate you, I say the same. If I want to eat my birthday cake all by myself, I do so. I don’t get this song and dance of diplomacy. What I feel, I say. What I feel, I do. I don’t trash-talk on your back an pour honey on your face.


One of my organs may fail.

I may trip over thin air in my epic clumsiness.

I may fall off my building.

I may get run over a truck.

I could be in an accident.

I could get murdered.

I could die.

And what I really felt about you may die with me.

And that will be one of the saddest things ever.

So say what you want.

Do what you want.

Eat what you want.

Speak your thoughts.

Choose whomever you wish to keep in your life.

Kick the others out.

Dance your heart in the goofiest and clumsiest way.

Tick out every single damn thing on your bucket-list, don’t leave it on the list because your family and children wish so.

Eat that cake for God’s sake!

Because life is too short to for diplomacy.


9 thoughts on “Straight-talk, because there’s no time for anything else

  1. “Zafar aadmi usko na janiyega ho woh kaisa hi sahib-e-fehm-o-zaka,
    Jise aish mein yad e khuda na rahee,jise taish mein khauff e khuda na raha.””

    “Zafar call him not a person,no matter how pure and pious he seems,
    one who forgets God in times of luxury and the one who fears not God in times of anger.”
    -Bahadur Shah Zafar
    Last Mughal Emperor

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