Okay, first of all, as you all know, or if you do not, you probably do now, or in some time, the next line maybe, okay stop rambling. What I’m saying is, as you all must have noticed, I haven’t been updating my blog regularly-oh strike that, Siri- I haven’t published a new blog post in a long time. Yeah well, I’m in my senior year at high school, my last year of school yay! I’ll now go to university!(“If I pass” “Oh shut up let me exalt myself”) typical teenage refrain of finally having more freedom now that I’m out of school. And now, though I graduate next spring, around first week of March, by some stroke of luck I have finally convinced myself to start studying, this early. Let me assure you in all my 16 years of existing and 12 of going to school, I have never, ever started studying 5 months in advance. This shows how serious I am of getting halfway decent marks so I can get into a good college/uni. (“You’re rambling again” “You’re raining on my parade again”)So what I’m saying is, I’m sorry I haven’t been active on my blog. I haven’t written anything for a long time,well, except Physics derivations and Chemistry reactions and French verb conjugations, but yeah. Frankly, I miss it. But I’ll be back! I’ll probably post again around New Year’s, I have something in mind(does anyone know of any illustrator or designer willing to collaborate with me for a series?). But if anyone’s made through the end of this post, please say a small prayer; for me, that I get the marks I want; that America is great again(Not Trump please); be the nasty woman you proudly are; that Iraqi and American forces retake Mosul from ISIS; that the Kashmir issue is resolved; that the Calais refugees, or rather, all refugees have somewhere to go to, seek shelter, and build a new life; that there’s peace finally in this cruel world. Not a small prayer sorry, but please do your bit. Until then, Khuda Hafiz/ Ciao/ Au revoir/ Salam.


Much love.


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  1. Anam! I join with you in your beautiful prayer for all those things and more. And I wish you great good fortune at Uni (what subject will you study?…sounds like you will be science oriented like me). I will stop posting, liking or commenting for 3 months from december as I go to Africa & very random internet where I go… but I will be happy to see what you have done with your blog when I return in March. kind thoughts & good fortune to you. Tony

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    1. Hi Tony! Good to see you again.
      Umm, I’m currently in science, but I intend to shift to Humanities and Liberal Arts. English Language maybe?
      Wow! Enjoy your trip to Africa. I’ve always wanted to go there.
      Much love ^.^

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      1. Hi Aqsa, it’s Tony (above). This is my Africa blog…I didn’t realise I wasn’t following’ with this one..it gets complicated running 2 blogs! So although my other blog goes quiet, this one will continue, so I still will get to see your writing! It’s just volume of posts I can’t handle while I’m in Africa… I’ll be busy!! kind thoughts 🙂

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