I’m sorry. I haven’t posted and won’t be posting for a while. My depression has hit hard. Sorry again. Thanks for your patience. I’ll be okay.


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  1. Take good care of yourself and your mental health girl because nothing is more important than that. I know that it may seem like a dark abyss for you right now, but there’s light, there’s always love.

    So, don’t be hard on yourself. Things will work themselves out, somehow. You’ll know the answers when the time’s right and don’t try to take charge of everything. Life will play itself. Until then, try and believe and visit your therapist. Talk to people you consider as genuine. Do some self discovery if possible and don’t worry about productivity for a while.

    I’m rooting for you and if you need to talk to someone in private please feel free to contact me on : anaida39@gmail.com.

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  2. I have had that for years… May Allah cure you soon… I increased the number of surahs i read in fajr prayer…and that lessened it so much…cuz Quran has healing for what is in the chest (i just didnt realise how true that is )

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  3. Truck loads of love coming your way. Your posts always always cheer me up. You are such a beautiful hufflepuffian soul. Take your time, but we will be waiting for your come back okay? I have to do a lot of book give aways and it is not fun without you in the front jumping for it. If you want to reach out, you know where to find me 💓💓

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  4. I’m sorry to learn this dear! I feel awful for not commenting more, but I hope and pray that your time away gives you sense of meaning and purpose again. Sometimes I want to delete the internet, too. Take care love. We will miss you!

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