Letter to myself- #3

Dear Anam,

Through a site in which you can write letters to your future self, I wrote a letter to you, 10 years in the future. I don’t think I’ll be alive till then. And I’m saying this quite happily. The thought of staying on the earth 5/10/30/50 years more exhausts me. I’d rather not. Also, that letter was pretty superficial. It would be better if you don’t receive it.

I miss the old days. The days when my relationships with everyone were good. Now I’ve burnt all bridges. Is there any hope for me?

I’m sorry I haven’t taken care of you. Materially, emotionally, and spiritually. I guess I took you for granted. I’m sorry. I have so much to apologize to you for. But I’m ill-equipped. My apologies feel fake to myself. Still, can you accept my apologies? If you’re reading this, in the future, I’m still sorry. But I’m not sure of a future.


4 thoughts on “Letter to myself- #3

  1. Aww darling, you can always forgive yourself and others. And, do not think of so far in the future also as it is a waste of time. If anything life is unpredictable as hell – which can be both good and bad I know. But, always be hopeful for YOU. People are not important YOU are. You can always start fresh, start with new people and a place, the possibilities are literally infinite.
    It may seem really dark at the moment, because I am feeling the weight of life right now as well. Failing miserably in my love is definitely making me question my self worth and my decisions. But, I’m trying not to let them control me as I believe that there’s more to life, there’s gotta be right? Otherwise why would there be all these amazing people – writers, scientists who are alive to tell us all their stories of success? Just think about it. 💖

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