Ramadan Diary: Day 6

My snitch-ass brother walked in on me eating and also discovered my hidden stash of snacks. Now my mother is pretending to be mortified about her daughter eating while she isn’t fasting. Hahaha good one bro, mom guess who didn’t pray ‘Asr? Both of your kids.

I thought elder brothers were supposed to be good. Meh.


My result came in. I passed. Phew.

Guess who is going makeup shopping? If you guessed me you’re wrong. I’m way too broke. I’ll go after Eidi money comes in.


Also chinchillas! They’re so furry and round and cute! I’ve never seen a real one! And whoa they’re called chinchillas and not “furry bunnies without bunny ears”? wild.

Also look at that round butt I don’t believe it’s an animal and not a balloon





39 thoughts on “Ramadan Diary: Day 6

      1. Awww LOL. I’m gonna come over m steal some chocolate. Wasaiy, you’ve got to change your stash spot now, brothers will eat up everything! Haha. Speaking from experience 😛

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      1. We almost adopted a kitty but she backed out at the last minute saying that they’ll pee on my things and be noisy 😦
        I miss those cats even when they weren’t mine 😦

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      2. Oh didnt know that. Thats sad. Lets see what happens. They try to make controversial every time. Hooe for the best.


      3. Yessss they sure are …
        Im too attached already ..
        When I wake up …I see to him .bfre I sleep same ..
        He really keeps me happy ..jus too adorable❤❤❤❤

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      4. Yes yesss ..mee.tooo ..just recently gt a kitten ..
        To me its jus was better than a baby ..
        Cleans it’s self .. and no accidents drama
        I absolutely love him ..names tiger .. cz hes striped

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