Ramadan Diary: Day 7

Wow I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since Ramadan started.

Fam is learning Surah Mulk together every evening.

Admissions are gonna start right on June 16 and my mother’s friends are coming over on 17th. The last 10 days of Ramadan are going to be hella hectic.

I haven’t even read much this year


Also 2017 isn’t going too well for me how could it let me down I had high hopes for the summer too 😦

via http://c9sam.com/post/161255891131/january-2017-is-my-year-june-2017-is-a-year








15 thoughts on “Ramadan Diary: Day 7

  1. Hi Anam. I clicked “like” because I like that you’re posting your honest feelings. I wish your life was happier and hope that expressing yourself / venting will prove helpful and, perhaps, even healing.

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  2. Ramadan mubarak, dear friend. I, too, wish you were happier, but I’m glad that you are hanging in. Summer hasn’t officially started yet, so take heart … some good things can still happen … keep your mind and heart open.


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