Ramadan Diary: Day 9

I got a cold :(( What did I do to deserve the cold? (Brain: “drink lots of cold water, inhaled fried food at 5omph, slept in A/C with wet hair”) I don’t get it, no way I did anything to warrant a cold.

Well the cold didn’t stop me from drinking a full glass of ice-cold juice and kebabs dripping with oil. “You ain’t even fasting and you still eat more than all of us who actually fast”, my mom. Don’t you understand that my body is growing and I need all the carbs and proteins I can get?

I’ll have to start dieting.



13 thoughts on “Ramadan Diary: Day 9

      1. Yeah same happens at our home. I try to say them that no oily food and my younger brother and sister they cant survive without pakoray and they be like theek hy na khao and i be like when they are in front of me why not lmao.

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