Ramadan Diary: Day 11

Day 3 of my cold, wah :/

I’ve been stalking my former friends on Instagram for so long and I’m so jealous because they are all so pretty and famous and fashionable and whatnot and here I am, a potato.

Also mom and I made delicious pizza but it tastes like cardboard to me because of my cold. And sore throat.

I’m not writing anymore my life isn’t interesting rn



10 thoughts on “Ramadan Diary: Day 11

  1. Hi Anam! Sorry your cold is making you feel so blah. I wish I could’ve sampled your pizza. Oh.. btw… my life is not particularly interesting, either… yet I draw my inspiration from the online news sources. I know you’re not a political blogger, BUT… you are an avid reader. Why not enjoy the escapism fictional authors offer up via their stories… and then post your book report blogs? Or, since you express yourself so well, maybe you could blog your own, original fictional storylines? Whatever you choose to do here at WordPress, get well soon!

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  2. Right?! Former friends look so great on Instagram… super depressing- till you meet them in person and all those filters are down 😉
    And hey, potatoes are the best. Fries and mashed and crips! Feeling like a potato is super underrated, if you ask me 😀

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