Ramadan Diary: Day 13

Didn’t realize one of the main reasons I wait for Ramadan is so I can wait for Eid. But seriously, I can’t wait for Eid. Because I can play dress-up and put makeup and get $$$.

Also I suppose the title may be misleading. It says “Ramadan Diaries” but there’s nothing spiritual or religious or epiphanic about the series. It’s just me being my dumb-ass self and offending everyone.

Also my cold is a little better, thanks a lot for those of you who (didn’t) ask.



15 thoughts on “Ramadan Diary: Day 13

  1. I’m glad that you are being genuine dear Anam. And it takes courage to show the world what you feel.
    A lot of people mask their feelings behind their temporary ramzan avatar. But Allah knows it all !
    And honestly, I feel the same. Infact I’m so excited for the Eid and the food and yes the Eidi !
    Love your blog ♡

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