Ramadan Diary: Day 15

Woke up at 3 am last night to pee, my brain convinced me to eat a whole packet of biscuits, because I won’t be able to eat in the morning (??????). Brain, you ok?
Wow, we had our fast fast exactly 2 weeks ago 😮
Mom planned on making less food for Iftaar today, and it was going good till my aunt sent over Iftaar for us today. Can I mention that my mom and aunt rarely talk? I haven’t seen her for like, a year? They’ve got a little bad blood? Weird.

Also everyone was at home today, so we all got on each other’s nerves. Family love 😘😼✌️ 🤘💦💦😤😤😤

Also my face is breaking out because of dehydration what do I do :((((


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