Ramadan Diary: Day 18

me seeing old pictures of myself and thinking about what an idiot I was



me seeing current pictures of myself and thinking what an idiot I am



Today was community iftaar day and I’m fuller than full now I had too much to eat why am I like this


The floor is inability to make decisions.


the floor is


15 thoughts on “Ramadan Diary: Day 18

      1. My stupid ass spent more time daydreaming about getting into Xavier’s than actually working hard and studying.
        Also, that is THE best college for liberal arts so cut offs go through the roof. Also, they have wayyy more seats for Christian students than for other students. Hence. 😦


      2. It is a christian minority college, so there is no other minority quota. Most colleges are this way now, since religion has come into education and there aren’t any genuinely secular colleges anymore 😦

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      3. Ok. Dont worry and dont burden your nerves. Let it be whatever comes now since time has already passed. And best of luck there arr miracles some times

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      4. Secondly dont worry about what has gone. Olan what is yet to come. Dont want to reveal the secrets i almost did the same stupidities but thats how you learn in your life as life is what happens to you whike you are busy planning other things. So cheer up and look forward.

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      5. Haha cool. No worries, I only cried a little when I thought about the possibility that I wouldn’t get into Xavier’s.
        Also my parents consoled me, in the most desi way possible, saying that the college is overrated and people over there are too highbrow for you and studies isn’t good, sirf naam hai college ka. So no worries 👍

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