Ramadan Diary: Day 25

Yesterday I was at college to confirm my admission and pay the fees, and there was this one girl who was hella confused and seems like she’d lost the receipt or something and was hysterically asking all the office people what to do and how to go about doing stuff. A lot of people were giving her suggestions but idk what was going through my mind and all I could think about telling her was that her lipstick was very nice, what brand and shade was it. In my defense, the lipstick WAS a very bold shade and it looked really good on her. I didn’t think about it much, then. But when I came back home it seemed equal parts hilarious and mortifying. God, why do I open my mouth at all. I really hope she hasn’t taken the same subjects as I have, she isn’t in my class and I have minimal contact with her or I’ll forever refer to her as the Lipstick Girl. I hate myself.


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