Ramadan Diary:Day 28

Y’all pray for me, ain’t nothing wrong with me just need your prayers. Also I’m trying to get skin-ready for Eid, so a prayer that I wake up on Eid with clear skin will be highly appreciated.

How I look for Eid makeup ideas and inspirations on Pinterest knowing that I’m going to stick to the winged eyeliner/bright lips look



10 thoughts on “Ramadan Diary:Day 28

  1. What a coincidence! Even I am trying to achieve clear skin goals for Eid 😀
    Plus that Kim K meme is so on point!
    It literally describes the struggle – Looking at a thousand different ideas but adhering to what we do everytime!

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  2. I have gotten WAY behind on your posts, and for that I am sorry, but it’s been a bit hectic of late. I am trying to get more efficient … 🙂 I shall pray for you to have clear skin when you awaken, although the morning you wanted it has already passed, so perhaps I shall just say I hope you had clear skin. But … you are so very beautiful that you have nothing to worry about … Happy belated Eid!

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