Eid-ul-Fitr: Two Days Two Looks

This post comes a bit late cos my man Shaytan is out now so I was busy sinning (it’s a joke) (i even sinned in Ramadan when he was locked up). Yeah so whatever.

Okay so this is two looks because I dressed up twice on two days, the main Eid day and the next day, since we visited lots of people.

Look 1


I wore a gown on Eid because gowns are really flattering. This gown was actually my junior high school farewell dress which I only tweaked a little and made a few adjustments here and there, like adding sleeves. It was a wonder I even fit into this dress after 3 years.


My pics are horrible because my official photographer (aka my brother) passed out dead asleep right after coming back from Eid prayer and I had to rely on my dad and mom who either took photos from way too up or way too down or oh my god I blinked.


I personally didn’t like this one, but my cousins did

The gown is soft tulle with velvet base and I love the color and now everyone knows that I moonlight as a undercover princess. Also I don’t know how to smile.

she phone too big for her gotdamn hand


I had to redo my makeup twice because it came out horrible. I was using a new eyeshadow palette so I didn’t really know how pigmented it was and how much I would need and the sea-green color eyeshadow seemed like an ode to circa 2007 frosted-eyed Paris Hilton.


Also my lips are huge idk how Kylie Jenner manages her lips I cannot even put bold lipstick without my face looking like it only has lips. Why are MUAs going for lip injections I would have gone for a lip reduction if my lips wouldn’t look bomb on the rest of the days. Guess the grass is always greener.

Oh and my eyeliner wings were a little uneven and skewed but whatever, we’re all going to die anyway.

Note to self: never again ask dad to take your photos they’ll come out like this
idk where i intended to go with this pic the claw hand doesn’t look as easy as how Bella Hadid made it to be

why my eyes huge tho i thought it looked cute but it looks scary.

Look 2


I actually wore JEANSSS. To a conservative Muslim family get-together!! Why haven’t I been disowned yet??

All my cousins were wearing gowns so I had to cancel my gown plan because I ain’t twinning with those bitches. I set trends, not follow them.

Anyway the same hijab matched on both the outfits so I only changed the style.

Also you can never go wrong the red lipstick and blush. Even my eyeliner was even so catch me slaying the wing even after I die and I’m in hell(or heaven whatevs).

Sorry I didn’t post photos because my cousins are even worse at taking photos than my parents are and I die a little each time I see the photos they’ve taken of me. I take such instagram-worthy pics of them and they can’t even take a good WhatsApp status-worthy pic why do they have to be like this.

This get-together was at my grandmother’s home and there were too many people. My dormant antisocial ass was having none of it so I went to the back room but my ass led me right into the action because that room has the best lighting and is well away from the main parents’ room so photo time. Which was a disaster.

First of all no one knows how to take pictures. Even the showoff cousin who has a photography page on Facebook. Taking selfies was even worse because a) either not all of us fit into the single frame b) showoff cousin didn’t want ew boy to stand next to him c) “Where the hell is the click button on this damn phone!” d) “Can you girls stop pouting?” e)”Stop smiling too much!” f) “Anam go to the back you are tall!” g) Just when it was time to take the photo and we could feel the muscles on our face straining from keeping a smile some asshole would start talking and the moment would be ruined.

Snapchat was worse. “This flower crown makes me look gay”, Fragile Masculinity 1. “What kind of filter is this I’m not a fucking dog”, Fragile Masculinity 2, whose ex-girlfriend literally calls him the Hindi expletive version of dog.

I did get $$$ tho, and now I’m waiting to blow it somewhere.

My cousins are irritating idk why I sometimes like to be with them.

Boy: I’m a standup comedian
Girl: Really? Tell me a joke then.
Boy: Go look into the mirror. Looool.
My cousin who happens to be a upper primary supervisor: I’m a teacher

I mean, I did take bomb Snapchat selfies but Snapchat creates a facade and a mask of what you really look like and it can be really misleading and I can’t get over the fact that I don’t actually have cheetah ears and a black nose or I’m not a dancing bunny or a chilling pepper and most of all, I can’t just click a button irl and get face swapped with the person of my choice.(Time to get real. I can’t believe I have clear skin and pretty eyes and a flower crown in real life. Sad.)

Also my little cousin is an animal and bird lover and his little guy came and happily sat on my hand and wouldn’t go to anyone else.


I don’t blame this birb. I mean, everyone likes me.


50 thoughts on “Eid-ul-Fitr: Two Days Two Looks

  1. The photography may not be professional, but you are such a beautiful young lady, both inside and out, that it does not matter! Plus … you write well and made me laugh more than once! Hugs, sweet young lady!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well enjoyed your commentary more than your previous blog posts. You should start a humerous blog bc you are more good at it lol. Secondly smile, thats one of the key to good pictures irrespective of quality of photographers lol. Thirdly i swear i have the same complain from my friebds and family that i take their pictures worth the cover of magazine and they cant even click smoothly damn always. BTW loved the post keep writing regularly. Cheers 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Well, starting a side-blog seems too much of work, so maybe I’ll just turn this existing one into a huge heap of miscellaneous stuff.
      Haha, I wasn’t sure whether to pout or smile, so it ended up somewhere in the middle 😛
      Thanks again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well you have already introduced us with laziness skills so it obviously meant to include witty posts in this blog 😛. And guess what dont pout it literally sucks smile is a more decent option to be considered 😊😊😛. And btw the dress looked perfect for eid. Keep blogging.

        Liked by 1 person

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