13 Things To Know About Me (+Awards)

Shamelessly following popular blogging trends, here I am putting my life up for display in a glass case. Since a lot of people may not know me irl (no you do not, I made sure of that), here are some facts about me and also a few awards.

  1. In case you haven’t read my about page, I live in Mumbai, India. Yes, the exotic land of pollution and Bollywood. No, I have never met Shah Rukh Khan, though I have hung out before his house in the hope of catching a teeny-tiny glimpse of him many times. Fangirl much. No, I do not speak Hindu. No such language exists. Yes, I know my English is really good for someone ‘living out there’. Thanks to British colonialism No, Pakistan and India are different countries. And surprise, there are Muslims in India. Which leads to
  2. I’m Muslim. I may not be an ‘ideal’ Muslim. I curse, listen to songs (“There you go again”), talk to boys (“Oh my God you’re kidding right?”), wear makeup (“This is really getting out of hand”), go to college (“I’m warning you Anam”), and show my face (*sirens in the distance* NOOOOOOO! This is the height!”); all of which apparently make me an unideal Muslim. Terrorist? No baby, the only thing I terrorize is your heart. (Too cheesy sorry).
  3. I suffer from a disease called wanderlust. I love travelling, going to new places, meeting new people..the high it gives is unimaginable.
  4. I have lived in 2 countries till now (Oman and India) but I have visited 3 countries….that’s it? 3? Hopefully that dismal number will increase.
  5. You have to be blind to not know this, but I love reading books. I can devour everything I get my hands on. My brother was my reading influence. I remember, as a tiny little kid, I would read all the books my brother got home from the school library which I wasn’t allowed to issue since I was too young. The earliest books I have the recollection of reading are the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. The obsession was so hardcore that that my mother had to ban books in the house for fear of it interfering in our studies, right upto high school. I mean, not that it mattered. We still managed to sneakily bring books home, but that’s not the point.
  6. Also I’m kinda funny. Yes a female can be funny. Yes even a good-looking (by your standards) female can be funny. Although yeah, most of my humor is self-depreciating. I don’t need you to make fun of me, I can do it myself. That does not mean that my worth in my own eyes is very less. I can go from sitting in a dustbin cause I’m trash to demanding WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TALKING TO A FUCKING QUEEN LIKE THIS?! Basically, my internal monologue consists of 40% screaming and nonononono, 40% self-depreciating humor and 15% actual useful stuff. And I’m so bad at math that I’m sure that doesn’t add up to 100%.
  7. I love memes. Memes are the source of life and energy for me. Dank memes. I have been stuck in the spiraling abyss of memes ever since I joined Tumblr that normal jokes have lost their humor for me. Even reddit jokes seem too highbrow for me. I can laugh for 2 days at this mindless Goofy comic which makes no sense and it is still funny af.
    goofy hat comicvia Imgur
    If you send me memes in the middle of the night with absolutely no context,I know it’s true love.
  8. I know sometimes I speak (write) using very nice long words which prove that I am going to major in English while on the other hand i type like ive never seen the inside of a school or have had a day’s worth of education, But whatever, get you a girl who can do both.
  9. I don’t like milk and most of the other dairy products, except butter and cheese( butter includes clarified butter and cheese includes cottage cheese). I’m not lack toast and tolerant, just don’t like.
  10. I’m really sensitive? I can roast and murder someone else with a sharp sarcastic comment, but someone as much as raises their voice at me? Infinitesimally?
    via Pinterest
    My biggest weakness is my need for constant validation? I’ll need obvious signs to know that you still like me? Am I too clingy? And this is why I lose friends? I scare them away by my neediness and spamming them with messages? Also my fat and lazy ass may never have voluntarily participated in any sport, but one sport I’m really good at is jumping. More specifically, jumping to conclusions. I know this is unhealthy but I’m an emotional wreck. Whoever my man is going to be is going to be so lucky coz I got so much love to give but he’ll also get irritated at me waking him up at 3 am demanding if he still loves me. But he better not get too irritated or I’ll cry.
  11. Now moving on to Anam the Person from Anam the Mess (“What’s the difference, lah?”)I’m kinda tallish, thinnish…..umm….I’m left-handed…blah blah…accounts for my creativity….blah blah………I have a sing-song voice, that’s what everyone tells me. I speak very softly and slowly. Can’t say if it’s nice or not but once I heard a recording of my voice and I cried and felt like apologizing to everyone I ever spoke to. I smile a lot while talking. Idk why I’m not conscious of doing it but somehow. Also irl I don’t really talk much and get nervous and self conscious and stammer a bit. Offline, I’m kind of an introvert and socially awkward and verbally awkward and shy.
  12. Growing up I wasn’t much interested in clothes and shopping and makeup and fashion, coz I was a woke baby and didn’t really want to take part in stuff that were considered stereotypical aspects of over-femininity. However my feminism is in a better place now and I know that indulging in retail therapy and looking good doesn’t make me any less of a feminist. I cringe thinking of the fact that at 16, I couldn’t even tie my hijab properly. But now? I come to fucking slay, baby. My eyeliner so sharp it can cut you in half.
  13. I drink neither tea nor coffee. This seems like sacrilege coming from a country where chai is your birthright wherever you visit. But I don’t have the habit of drinking either. It’s not that I don’t like them, I drank green tea and coffee during exams, and if you offer me I’ll drink it. But drinking tea/coffee/MILK doesn’t figure in my bedtime/waking up routine.


Okay so now time for awards!!

I was nominated for the Three Days Three Quotes Challenge by Being Hijabi, so maybe I’ll do that later.
Aqsa from Aqsa Says What?  and Ash from Man’s Poetry awarded me the Real Neat Blog Award.
Tavleen from Travelling Through Words nominated me for Mystery Blogger Award.
Blogger Recognition Award from Her Shimmering Pages and Naly from It’s Naly

Thanks to Presenty Facts for the Versatile Blogger Award.
I was nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award by Misfit Narrator,
Again Sunshine Blogger from Rohini @ truthiskef
Oh and Sunshine Blogger again from Jo @ Jo The Tumbleweed

And lastly Lili @ Life of a Muslim Revert awarded me my third Liebster Award.

Thanks to all.

If I get time maybe I’ll edit this post so I can also nominate some people since I’m really busy with college and all. Oh yeah college started hardly a week before and I don’t believe in 3 years I’ll graduate with a degree. There are so many people in college and you’re saying I’ll have to make friends? Friends? What are those? That’s only a sitcom right? It also exists irl? What a wild concept. How do I keep friends? How often am I supposed to water them? To they die if I don’t talk to them? WHoa.

In the first few days a lot of people were staring at me but I ignored them thinking bitches was jealous. But then a while later a lot of people started coming up and telling my that my eyeliner was really good or that I was very pretty and I was like YAASSS BITCH I’M HERE FOR THIS! But the most validation I got was when a random stranger came up to me and said that I “was amazing in Political Science class yesterday”.(I really didn’t want Political Science but the college didn’t give me Psychology. I didn’t think the class would be this interesting since it’s mostly discussion-oriented but we can be really open and frank in the group discussion. I like this class). Also I thought English Literature would be interesting but when I spoke up in class once to make a point, the professor started off with “In response to your point” and proceeded to go off in a very unrelated tangent and I zoned out.

Also it was hilarious my college principal felt so awkward and shy when she was introduced in the Orientation and all the first years looked at her with reverence and she looked behind in confusion.




32 thoughts on “13 Things To Know About Me (+Awards)

  1. I love this post, and you made me laugh more than a few times! So glad I came across your blog, or you came across mine … whichever came first … I disremember. Anyway … keep writing … you have a special style that I adore! Love & hugs!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heyy! Thank you. Yes, I hope it’ll be fun. I was good the first 2 days then I came back on my bullshit and reused my previous day’s eyeliner and instead slept those 10 minutes more. :/
      Haha yeah Famous Five and Secret Seven 😛


      1. I still have mixed feelings. On one hand, I want to study really hard and graduate on top of my class (high expectations) and on the other I want to be wild and bunk classes and legit not care. :/
        I still haven’t found a friend I hang out with all the time, I hand out with different people in different lectures. Maybe it’ll take some time.
        Thank you!!


      2. I totally get you. I was like that too, I’m still like that lol. But as much as it sounds like a cliché thing to say, just stay in the middle. Lol. Do your best in studies but don’t let it consume you so much that you don’t even get to enjoy the college fun. Me and my friends used to bunk and we were into every extra curricular activity but at the same time I would study at home to make up for it. So that’s how I had the best of both worlds. There were times when I regretted ‘not studying in time’ but that’s how I learned to manage it for the next time.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s nice. And humanities leaves you a lot of time for extra-curricular activities. Maybe I’ll join in the organizing team for our college festival. 😛


      4. As for the friends part, I know it’s very difficult to find your type of people but it’s true that in college you can get to have a bigger circle of friends, different groups of people you can hang out with. Still you definitely need someone you can be with so I hope you find someone sincere and worthy to be a friend. 💝

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I know, it’s only been a week since college started. And the girl I decided I will hang out with hasn’t come to college so I was roaming around like I was lost (I was). But at least I made more friends. 🙂


      6. It’s easy to make friends in the first year because everyone is new and desperate to make friends 😛 But yeah, people here are good. 🙂


  2. Ok and as you i’ll be needing a day off to reply this post lol you can assume all the answers like you know what im gonna say to all that. Will be looking forward to hear more of your college stories lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey! Came across your blog quite recently and actually read all your Ramadan diary entries before I knocked out haha ! 😛 they were great. Thanks for these facts now I’ve gotten to know more about yourself! xD Keep it up ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Loved reading this Anam… followed your blog a while but didn’t know anything about you. Made me laugh… I’m getting ready for ‘on my way out, world’ as I’m old…. you’re very definitely on your way in… big time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. yey… living in a yoga ashram on a hilltop in Wales, UK so little time spare to do the wordpress thing now. But yours is one of the blogs I still follow. Shines with life!! heh heh

        Liked by 1 person

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