A List of Professions I Once Considered

  1. Air Hostess
    I love travelling in planes. I don’t know why. And I envied the air-hostesses who would get paid to be pretty and travel in aeroplanes and visit new places. A lot of people still tell me I’d be good as an air-hostess……

    air hostess gif
    via Youtube/All India Bakchod

    another gif.gif

  2. Actress
    This is preposterous considering how I cannot speak and have no idea how to act and how self-conscious I am about myself. Oh, and I used to think there’d be elections for becoming an actor/ress and you had to advertise and have campaigns and stop working after a certain age. I was a weird kid with an overactive imagination. (Still am.)
  3. Librarian/Book Shop owner
    Sitting in a place surrounded by books? Which book nerd would not fantasize about that?
  4. A Baby-sitter, but for cats
    I still wouldn’t say no if someone pays me to look after their cats.

    via Giphy

    5. Author
    I’ll still consider this, but guess the field is too saturated

    6. Human Rights Lawyer
    Two words: Amal Alamuddin
    A feasible option had it not been for my social and verbal awkwardness and a tendency to forget words whenever I open my mouth.

    8. Singer

    9. Child Psychologist
    This was actually a mature idea, before I realized that half the time I had no idea how I felt and I had to tolerate the smirks and stupid statements (“Guess what I’m thinking about right now. Read my mind. Oh come on, you’re a psychologist, you should know all this”) Also I can’t relate to kids. I find them annoying. Also this is out of question now since Psychology isn’t one of my subjects.

    10. Forensic Researcher
    Too much of watching crime solving TV shows. Also, darling, working in chemistry? May I remind you of your marks in high school?
    11. Archaeologist
    I like History. I like Geography.

    12. Foreign Diplomat
    Ooohh. Sounds amazing. But the civil services exam is difficult to crack. And even tougher to get into the top 2% considered for foreign relations. And the IFS exam is even difficult to crack. And you’ll have to work in India for the first few years. And getting into bureaucracy?

    13. Translator
    This is still a pretty good option. I’m good at languages.

    14. Image Consultant
    don’t even ask. I thought it meant validating people and nothing rocket-science about that.


    15. Journalism
    This has always been hovering on my sub-conscience. I mean, I’m good at writing, I keep up with current affairs, I have an opinion on every matter imaginable. So I could roll with it. Grateful for going to college in a time when mass media is considered cool and the stigma associated with a ‘media professional’ has lessened. Just hope I don’t wildly change my career track over the next 3 years.


9 thoughts on “A List of Professions I Once Considered

  1. There are a lot of options when it comes to career. I can see that you considered plenty of options. All I can say is, you have to know the things that you really like and how much you are willing to commit. Are you looking for stability or you like the challenge of uncertainties?

    Me for example, I am no longer interested in doing administrative and executive work because it doesn’t suit me. That is why I mostly aim for content writer/editor work. Just some two cent from me. I hope you have a nice day. 😀

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  2. Awww This was me few years back but alhamdullilah now. Just think of what you are really interested in doing. I suffer from social anxiety too n don’t do well with public speaking. However I still went with law at Uni and now I practice as a legal advisor so don’t necessarily have to go to court.

    May Allah ‎سبحانه وتعالى help you in your decision making and may your chosen career be rewarding so you can serve your community and the world at large.

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