Ramadan Diary: Day 17

17 days whooaaaaa. I made doughnuts today and they were so tastyyy call me Chef Boyardee already . . My brother is watching Breaking Bad and it is so irritating because he won’t stop telling me about it maybe that’s how he felt when I went full fangirl ham with 13 Reasons Why. But at […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 16

Oh my God I went outside after a many days and I hated it. It’s too hot and humid and colorful and loud and I can’t. I SAW A SIBERIAN HUSKY TODAYYYY😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I wanted to pet it but it was peeing and it would be awkward for both of us. Also that would mean interacting with […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 15

Woke up at 3 am last night to pee, my brain convinced me to eat a whole packet of biscuits, because I won’t be able to eat in the morning (??????). Brain, you ok? Wow, we had our fast fast exactly 2 weeks ago 😮 Mom planned on making less food for Iftaar today, and […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 14

I can never go to sleep after suhoor why does this happen? I mean, I’m half asleep during suhoor but one hour after the sun has risen and I still can’t sleep? I even tried to think about my responsibilities and duties which usually lulls me to sleep, but even that isn’t working? We made […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 13

Didn’t realize one of the main reasons I wait for Ramadan is so I can wait for Eid. But seriously, I can’t wait for Eid. Because I can play dress-up and put makeup and get $$$. Also I suppose the title may be misleading. It says “Ramadan Diaries” but there’s nothing spiritual or religious or epiphanic […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 12

Do ever eat so much that you get breathless and need to physically slow yourself down so you won’t pass out? Yup, that’s me every iftaar. via Giphy   via Volt Athletics   via Buzzfeed   Also y’all pretend to give me so much love but don’t give me money so I can’t buy the […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 11

Day 3 of my cold, wah I’ve been stalking my former friends on Instagram for so long and I’m so jealous because they are all so pretty and famous and fashionable and whatnot and here I am, a potato. Also mom and I made delicious pizza but it tastes like cardboard to me because of […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 10

It’s been 10 days holy f- My cold is worse than ever and I’m still drinking cold water and recklessly inhaling fried food because as my friend Cinderella very nicely put it, “I’m already fked, who cares if I fk up a little more”. Also today was so good because I had literally zero contact […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 9

I got a cold :(( What did I do to deserve the cold? (Brain: “drink lots of cold water, inhaled fried food at 5omph, slept in A/C with wet hair”) I don’t get it, no way I did anything to warrant a cold. Well the cold didn’t stop me from drinking a full glass of […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 8

The weather’s blegh. It is cloudy and muggy but it isn’t raining 😦 I am this close to abandoning Ramadan Diaries lol I can’t wait for college to start this inactivity is killing me. Also can everyone stop talking about the Ind-Pak match I have no idea what CT17 even means. Also there has been […]

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