Ramadan Diary: Day 26

me during Taraweeh: what rakah are we on? brain: via KnowYourMeme I was bored yesterday so I tried to swatch my mother’s eyeshadow palette. It is one of the drug store ones, you know, the ones which lack pigmentation but make up for it by their shimmer? And they come with the standard sponge brush? […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 25

Yesterday I was at college to confirm my admission and pay the fees, and there was this one girl who was hella confused and seems like she’d lost the receipt or something and was hysterically asking all the office people what to do and how to go about doing stuff. A lot of people were […]

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Ramadan Diary:Day 24

I thought I wouldn’t post today. Today was busy af. Our family friends were over and I also needed to go to college for admission. Admission done. But it is so hot. I’m so thirsty I took a long bath in the hopes of some water reaching my body through osmosis.(This is the point where […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 23

Eid is in a weekkkkkkkk. I finally gave in to temptation and listened to Selena Gomez’s new song and I’m hooked. Hookkeeddd. And ugh she’s so pretty. I mean, idc if it’s real beauty or whatever, but she’s pretty. Also Katy Perry’s Bon Apetit is..weird..? And weird is an understatement? Wtf is happening in the […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 22

I’m going to say something, which I will regret for the next three years, future me will come back in time to kill me, murder me in cold blood, wonder why I opened my mouth in the first place, but I’ll still say it. I can’t wait for college to start. Seriously, though. The inactivity […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 21

Ugh. It’s so hot here. 😦 I want to cut off my hair. They’re too irritating and itchy. Lat night was the first of the Laylatul Qadr nights so I’m still in a sleepy state. Today in Photos That Should Be Deleted From The Internet Also my parents’ friends are coming over to stay tomorrow. Whyyyy.

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Ramadan Diary: Day 19

These days are going by too fast and yet they aren’t going fast enough I don’t know how. Making iftaar is mom’s and mine way of trying out and debunking diy hacks. (Using forks to cut equal sized vegetable slices? Heck yes!)   The floor is mental stability. Me: Bye.

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Ramadan Diary: Day 18

me seeing old pictures of myself and thinking about what an idiot I was   me seeing current pictures of myself and thinking what an idiot I am   Today was community iftaar day and I’m fuller than full now I had too much to eat why am I like this   The floor is […]

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Ramadan Diary: Day 17

17 days whooaaaaa. I made doughnuts today and they were so tastyyy call me Chef Boyardee already . . My brother is watching Breaking Bad and it is so irritating because he won’t stop telling me about it maybe that’s how he felt when I went full fangirl ham with 13 Reasons Why. But at […]

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